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Atlanta is home to the world’s top news network – CNN. This worldwide leader in news has maintained its post as the most trusted source in news around the world. Located in the heart of Downtown Atlanta, directly across the street from Centennial Olympic Park and adjacent to the Philips Arena where several of the city’s major sport teams play, the CNN Center is a landmark and major tourist attraction for those seeking to learn more about the leading news network.

The CNN Center became a part of the Downtown Atlanta horizon in 1976 as part of the Omni International Group but the actual offices and newsrooms didn’t move into the facility until 1987. In addition to the CNN offices and newsrooms, a world-class hotel, the Omni is located within the CNN Center. The CNN Center also contains an impressive food court that is available to visitors, employees of CNN and patrons of the Philips Arena and other Downtown Atlanta attractions.

With the success of several news programs throughout the years, the CNN Center decided to create a special fifty-five minute guided tour which would enable visitors to take a peek into the inner workings of a twenty-four hour news network. During the tour, visitors get the opportunity to experience the state of the art technology utilized by many of the programs produced within the CNN Center as well as watch live tapings of shows from CNN, CNN International and Headline News to name a few.

The CNN Center is the epicenter of emerging new media, allowing visitors to witness how this news giant consistently keeps its finger on the pulse of all things current, and making it one of Downtown Atlanta’s most popular attractions.

CNN Center
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