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Fernbank Museum of Natural History

Exploring the Wonders of Earth’s Past and Present at Fernbank Museum of Natural History

Nestled within the bustling heart of Downtown Atlanta, the Fernbank Museum of Natural History is as a beacon of discovery, inviting visitors to embark on a captivating journey through the ages. With its diverse array of exhibits, educational programs, and immersive experiences, the museum serves as a gateway to the marvels of our planet’s history and the mysteries that continue to shape our understanding of the world.

Visit Ancient Worlds

The Fernbank Museum of Natural History beckons visitors to traverse the sands of time and witness the history of Earth’s evolution. From towering dinosaur skeletons that awaken the imagination to awe-inspiring minerals that showcase the splendor of the natural world, the exhibits offer a vivid portrayal of the planet’s ancient past. The museum’s commitment to authenticity and scientific accuracy ensures that each display is a window into the story of life on Earth.

Immersive Learning Experiences

Beyond the static displays, the museum is an educational haven where learning comes to life. Its interactive exhibits engage visitors of all ages, encouraging them to explore, question, and experiment. These immersive experiences provide a platform for understanding complex topics such as ecology, geology, and anthropology.

A Multi-Dimensional Adventure: The Giant Screen Theater

One of the crown jewels of Fernbank Museum of Natural History is its cutting-edge giant screen theater, where education and entertainment converge to create an immersive cinematic experience. This state-of-the-art facility transports visitors to distant lands and ancient times, offering a front-row seat to the wonders of our world and beyond. From captivating documentaries that delve into the mysteries of space to thrilling explorations of Earth’s most diverse ecosystems, the IMAX® style theater engages the senses and sparks curiosity in viewers of all ages. With its ability to bring distant worlds to life, the theater adds another layer of depth to the museum’s offerings.

Discovering the Magic of an Old-Growth Forest

Amidst the urban landscape of Atlanta, Fernbank Museum of Natural History is home to a hidden gem – an old-growth forest that captures the essence of untouched wilderness. WildWoods and the Fernbank Forest, a 75-acre oasis, offers visitors a rare opportunity to step back in time and explore an ecosystem that has remained relatively unchanged for centuries. Walking through the forest’s tranquil trails, surrounded by towering trees, diverse flora, and the gentle melodies of birdsong, visitors are transported to a realm of natural beauty and serenity. This fascinating outdoor space is also home to a canopy walk, outdoor exhibits, and nature playgrounds.

The Fernbank Museum of Natural History seamlessly weaves together a multitude of experiences that celebrate the diversity and wonder of our planet. With its 3D theater offering captivating visual journeys and its enchanting old-growth forest providing a tangible connection to Earth’s ancient past, the museum invites visitors to explore, learn, and marvel at the intricacies of the natural world. Each facet of the museum, from its immersive exhibits to its serene outdoor spaces, contributes to a holistic and enriching adventure that leaves an indelible mark on the understanding of our planet.

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