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Downtown Atlanta is a bustling urban environment with tall skyscrapers and hotels dotting the skyline.  Because the area contains no natural borders and due to the enormous population growth in recent years, Metro Atlanta sprawls out in every direction from the downtown area – the heart of the city of Atlanta.  The vast size of the area necessitates numerous transportation options that are available to help locals and visitors and keep the traffic flowing in this growing city.


MARTA is an acronym for Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority.  Many major cities have subway systems that shuttle millions of riders around town, and Downtown Atlanta’s MARTA train rates high on the list of metropolitan subway systems.  Initially, the MARTA system was strictly a bus system but soon became linked to the rapid transit system in later years. The MARTA rapid transit system boasts thirty-eight stations and runs over forty-eight miles. Several main stations run through Downtown Atlanta, connecting travelers to several popular areas such as Lenox, Little Five Points, Lindbergh Station and Georgia State University, just to name a few.  The MARTA trains also connect to numerous bus routes included in the $2.50 flat rate fare.

Airport Transportation

For those visitors who arrive by plane at the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, there are a myriad of choices when it comes to transportation. There are rental car services such as Hertz and Budget that charge a daily fee which can range from $20 a day to $80 a day depending of the type of car chosen.

Taxi cab companies charge by the meter and a ride from the airport to the Downtown Atlanta area can range from $35- $55 depending on traffic.

Airport shuttle services charge a flat rate which ranges from $35-$45 and deliver passengers to major hotels in the Downtown area or to residential destinations door to door.

If you’re looking for an affordable way to get from the airport to the Downtown Atlanta area, then the MARTA train is the way to go. For $2.50 you can ride directly from the airport to several Downtown Atlanta areas such as Five Points, Peachtree Center and Civic Center as well as nearby stops including Midtown, Lenox and Buckhead. The trains connect to numerous bus routes included in the $2.50 flat rate fare.

Taxi Cabs

Hailing cabs throughout Downtown Atlanta is fairly easy and accessible as many hotels line the streets in the area.


With so many major venues, attractions and entertainment options in the Downtown Area, a parking spot can sometimes be hard to find. The best options are the public parking lots which range from a $10.00 flat rate to an hourly rate of $2.00 an hour. Some of the attractions and event venues do have their own parking structures but they can get filled quickly so it is sometimes better to use a taxi if you are attending a popular event.